Connecting to the MY01 Device

Open the MY01 Mobile Application and pull down to scan for nearby advertising MY01 devices. Each entry in the list contains the unique MY01 Device identifier.

Verify that the unique identifier displayed on the application matches the one displayed on the MY01 device’s LCD top-left corner.

Tap on a device entry to connect to the MY01 device. If connecting for the first time, a Bluetooth pairing request will appear. Confirm that the pairing PIN displayed on the application matches the pairing PIN displayed on the MY01 device’s LCD. Click on the “Pair” button to confirm and connect.

Once connected to a MY01 device, a Bluetooth mark will appear next to the MY01 device's unique identifier. Pressure data transmission will begin shortly after connection.

Notes :

  • The application will try to automatically reconnect to nearby advertising devices. In certain cases the application won’t be able to connect automatically. For more information on what to do, refer to the troubleshooting section.

  • Only one phone can be connected to a device at a time.

  • If the application doesn't connect to the device, refer to the troubleshooting section for help. Active Device information

Active Device Information

Data Display

Warning : do NOT use the MY01 device or the MY01 Mobile Application for remote monitoring or for diagnosis.

Important : in order for the recorded data to be successfully transferred to the Cloud for later retrieval, the user MUST ensure that the MY01 device was connected to the mobile device.

Once the MY01 device has been successfully connected to the MY01 Mobile Application the graphing function can be accessed by pressing on the “Device of choice” section of the interface.

To change the display from portrait to landscape mode, simply rotate your mobile device by 90 degrees and the screen will automatically rotate.

Disconnecting from a MY01 Device

To disconnect from a MY01 device, slide the device entry to the left and click on the “Disconnect” button. The Bluetooth logo will disappear from the MY01 Device.

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